Instagram is now the fastest growing social media network in which people use to upload their photos, videos, daily entertainment stories. The best part of Instagram that few people know is that you can earn money from Instagram by just uploading your photos, videos, or some pics.

Pro tips before you start earning on Instagram.

1. Post decent quality photos or videos only.

Why you have to post good quality photos?
The main reason to post good quality photos or videos because nobody wants to see blurry, shaky or low-quality photos or videos.
That’s the reason you have to post good quality photos or videos. If you post good quality photos then people like to see your pics and want to see more pics from you and they starting to admiring you.

2. Don’t post all at once.

I have lots of good photos lets share all of them at once.
No, don’t do this mistake because people don’t want their wall full of your photos or videos, always remember “change is the essence of life” and people get bored by watching the same type of post continuously. Try to give a small interval between every post minimum 2-3 hours.

3. Always use (#)hashtag with your caption

Is it necessary to use a hashtag?
If you want to get popular, want more followers then yes you have to use a hashtag for every post. Hashtag help you to attract more people interested in the type of content you post.


4. Sell your Instagram account

Why does someone want to sell their Instagram ran account?
Ok, it works like this if you have huge traffic on your Instagram account around 1Lakh then you can sell your Instagram account at a decent price. You will get 6$ per 1000 followers. will help you to sell your Instagram account at a good price.  So many people or company wants a huge follower Instagram account to promote their products and if they got huge organic traffic without losing any sweat then isn’t good for them.

5. Promote your own Business, Services or Products

How to sell Business, Services or Products on Instagram?
If have your own business then you can promote your product or services on your Instagram posts.
What you have to be?
You have to just create a beautiful post write a small promotional message on your product and post it on your wall and if people like your post and product they will contact you and you can sell them.
Or sometimes some company contacts you to promote their products on your wall and on that behalf they give you a good amount.

Note: To earn real money you have to follow first 3 points and you should have real organic traffic because only real will people like and comment on your post.

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