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    Whatsapp Dare Games and Questions 2018

    Whatsapp Dare Games in Hindi (2018)

    Dare: Choose one clock and then you’ll have to put that song as your status for one day. 🕐🕑🕒🕓🕔🕕🕖🕗🕘🕙


    🕐 Oye hoye jawaani le doobi aaye haye jawaani le doobi 😝
    🕑 Ban gaya kutta to main ban gya kutta 🐶
    🕒 Life ki naughty kahani ye halkat jawani 😋
    🕓 Chor hun main.. lucha hun main.. hadd se bada tuccha hu main 😎
    🕔 Main ladka po po po tu ladki po po po ham donon milen po po po 😝
    🕕 Main naagin dance nachna 💃🏻
    🕖 Nain hum ladayenge baby doll se ho laundiya patayenge miss call se 😝
    🕗 Ye duniya ye mehfil mere kaam ki nahi 😭
    🕘 Papa kehte hai badnaam karega beta hamara esa kaam krega 😜
    🕙 Hattori hattori yeh hain apna yaar, hasta aur hasata hai yeh asli ninja, main hoon ek ninja 🤓

    Whatsapp Dare Games for New Year 2018
    Dare: Choose any number between 1 to 15 and I will tell you how 2018 will be for you.
    1. Your ex will be back
    2. You will get your dream job
    3. Your best friend will ditch you
    4. You will meet your childhood love
    5. You will buy your dream car
    6. You will get a chance to work in a bhojpuri song video
    7. You will get a new pet
    8. You will get your love of life
    9. You will win a jackpot
    10. People will get to know your top most secret
    11. You will get a hug from your enemy
    12. You will get ditched by your gf/bf
    13. You will have a foreign trip
    14. You will get married
    15. You will get a big surprise from your family

    Whatsapp Dare Games for Crush with Answers

    Dare: Choose any number between 1 to 25 and I will send you your dare.


    1. Write your crush name in your status.
    2. Will you kill anyone if you get permission? If yes, Who is that person?
    3. Be my GF/BF for one day.
    4. The quality you like the most in yourself?
    5. The quality you’d like to change in yourself?
    6. What do you like in me?
    7. The thing you don’t like in me
    8. On your interest, the person you like to marry.
    9. Send me your cutest picture.
    10. Describe me in one word.
    11. The most important person in your life?
    12. My contact name on your phone.
    13. The nickname you want to give me?
    14. Things you like most in me?
    15. Color that suits me?
    16. Relation status you want to be with me? (No cheating)
    17. The thing you like most about my character?
    18. The thing you hate in my attitude?
    19. Which type of dresses suits me most?
    20. Dedicate a song to our relationship?
    21. Rate my WhatsApp profile picture out of 100?
    22. The first thing you notice in a person when you meet them first time.
    23. Your Best Friend.
    24. What is your opinion on me?
    25. What is your crazy dream?

    Dare: If you are Music Lover then tell me the name of these 10 super hit songs.


    1. Ye teri aankhein jhuki jhuki, Ye tera chehra khila khila.
    2. Hum tum Ek kamre me band ho, aur chabi kho jaye.
    3. Chandni, Tu meri chandni.
    4. Chand taare phool aur kaliyan, tumse achcha kaun hai?
    5. Dil cheej kya hai aap meri jaan lijiye.
    6. 4 baje gaye lekin part abhi baki hai.
    7. Dekha hai pahli baar sajan ki aankhon me pyaar.
    8. Phir haath me sharaab hai sach bolta hun main.
    9. Laal laal hontho pe gauri kiska naam hai?
    10. Raat ko 12 baje din nikalta hai, subah ke 6 baje shaam hoti hai.



    Whatsapp dare games 2018


    1. Suryavansham
    2. Aankhein
    3. Agni Varsha
    4. kaante
    5. Black
    6. Waqt
    7. Sarkar
    8. Babul
    9. Buddha Hoga Tera Baap
    10. Bhuthnath Uncle

    Dare: Niche inn 15 clues mein india ki cities ke naam chupe hue hai, find out all of them and tell me the names of all cities.

    1. D🏠
    2. ❤li
    3. ⛓🆕
    4. ➡🚪
    5. ⚫🔫
    6. 🔥®🅰
    7. 💣💃🏻
    8. 🏛®U
    9. 🕌 🛏
    10. 🐷🌃
    11. ♦🐍®
    12. 🅿🍪N🅰
    13. 👂🏻💨rrr…
    14. 🌁🏔🗻🐍®
    15. T🍪🐍®


    1. Chandigarh
    2. Delhi
    3. Chennai
    4. Indore
    5. Calcutta
    6. Agra
    7. Bombay
    8. Bengaluru
    9. Hyderabad
    10. Surat
    11. Itanagar
    12. Patna
    13. Kanpur
    14. Srinagar
    15. Tatanagar

    Dare: Select any one from below. I can say your life partner’s character. This is going to be really fun.

    11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99, 00

    Please reply fast.


    11: Always fighting with you.

    22: Always smiles.

    33: Your life partner is a non-stop kisser once started kissing.

    44: Every day is a honeymoon with your partner.

    55: You both make a perfect couple and made for each other.

    66: Always shows love and care for you.

    77: Get’s angry for everything.

    88: Most irritating life partner. Sorry, but it is true.

    99: Your life partner always wanted to spend time with you.

    00: Your life partner treats you and your child in the same way. True love.

    Dare: If I will go so far from you forever, what will be your last word to me? Select our desired number from 1 to 11 and let me know about your thinking.


    1: Don’t Go Please

    2: God Will Be With You Always

    3: I can’t Live Without You

    4: I Love You, Stay Always With Me

    5: Go and Die, Don’t Return Again

    6: Can You Live Without Me?

    7: I Can Live Without you

    8: Fuck Off! I Don’t care

    9: I Will Miss You

    10: Don’t Forget me

    11. Take Care

    Dare: Select one number below and it will decide the name I’ll call you from today.
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22
    Reply fast. It is interesting. From today I’ll call you with that name.


    1. Babe
    2. Gdhu
    3. My Darling
    4. My Dear
    5. Pappu
    6. Dhakkan
    7. Idiot
    8. My Jaanu
    9. My heartbeat
    10. Lovely
    11. My love
    12. Mental
    13. Crazy Monkey
    14. Geek
    15. Fat piggy
    16. Beautiful
    17. Stupid
    18. Sweetheart
    19. Tubelight
    20. Donkey
    21. Chipkoo
    22. Sweet Honey

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  • whatsapp-status-videos-dar

    Whatsapp Attitude Status 2018

    I am multi talented, i can talk & piss you off at the same time.

    Gal V ohna di hundi ae jinha di koi gal baat hundi ae!!

    I am not a special Person ,But I am just limited edition.

    Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to reveal my status.

    Relation of friendship is greater then the relation of blood.

    Stop checking my Status, Go and love your GF

    I love to walk in fog, because nobody knows I’m smoking.

    I don’t hate Peoples ,I just love Peoples who loves me.

    I’m looking 4 a bank loan which can perform two things..give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

    If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, It only means that you are ‘Above them’..

    What is a Best friend?? A single soul in two bodies.

    Before you judge me make sure that you’re perfect.. ??

    It’s better to live alone. There is no friendship with a fool.

    Style is a way to say who u are without speaking.

    Always remember you are unique, just like everyone else. !!

    Yeah U – The one reading my status, Get Lost!

    I loved a girl & she broke my heart. Now every piece of my heart love different girls. People called it flirt that’s not fair…

    Your Whatsapp status say’s online…If your online then why aren’t you texting me

    Dear Mario, I wasted my childhood trying to save ur girlfriend. Now, you help me to save mine.

    I will marry the girl who look as pretty as in her Aadhaar card!!

    I’m cool but global warming made me hot.

    Waiting for Wi-Fi network.

    Excuse me!!. I found something under my shoes ohhh its your Attitude.

    If u think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I’m the worst.

    I enjoy when people show Attitude to me coz it shows that they need an Attitude to impress me!

    I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own FONT. !!

    Please don’t get confused between my personality and my attitude.

    My attitude based on how u treat me.

    Life will give u exactly what you need, not what you want.

    I’m not changed it’s just I grew up and u should try too.

    My personality is who I am and my attitude depends on who you are!

    I never insult people I only tell them what they R.

    Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.!!

    I’m not virgin, my life fucks me everyday.

    Phones are better than girlfriends, at least we can switch off.

    Status Unavailable! Check Later…!!

    Always stay true to yourself ,& never sacrifice who are you for anyone.

    If some one hate you without any ,reason then Give the reason to him..!

    Being “Single” is My Attitude!

    !Good Girl are those which can help people, Bad Girl have no time to help…

    I hate when people look at my status and say “Its Bakwas”.

    Men also have FEELINGS, for example they can feel HUNGRY. !!

    I wish I could have Genie who could make my dreams come true….

    Don’t See My Status, Appointment is needed..

    I don’t need to explain myself coz, I know I’m right.

    Someone asked me How’s your life? I just smiled and replied, She is fine!!

    Sukh Wele Selfie,Dukh Wele Status,Har Time Online Shounk Preet Da!!

    if people have a problem with you then ask him her problem!..

    Adopt a right attitude make you the negative thinking to postive thinking!

    A bad attitude is like a flat tire. If u don’t change it, you’ll never go anywhere

    I don’t have an attitude!! I have a personality U can’t handle!!!

    I’m single as my love story is being written by god and he is busy is making it best.

    Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. !!

    If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.!!!

    People say I have a dirty mind, But Im say its just creative! !!

    I can’t change the destination of wind but I can change the bad thinking of mine…

    A bad attitude is plane tire if you not change it you can never think positive!.!

    My words are like a china phone. They have no guarantee! !!

    If you want to cry, use a tissue!! not your status…!!

    People with status don’t need status!!

    May my enemies live a long life to see my success. !!

    Weakness of attitude become weakness you!

    I am not changed it’s just I grew up & you should try too.

    The only disability in life is a bad Attitude.!!

    Some people R just so FAKE that if u look properly at the back of their neck, you’ll find a tag saying “MADE IN CHINA”

    When someone says: u are UGLY TELL them oh sorry I was trying to look like you!!

    My heart is stolen…can I check your Heart

    Two Attitude of cool life – Walk like you are the Boss OR walk like you don’t care ,who is the Boss.

    I am single because God is busy for making Girl for me!…

    My style is unique don’t copy it!

    Beauty in the skin & Attitude in the bone!..

    I hate when people look at my phone while I’m typing text to GF!..

    GF is asked me what is your attitude ? then I Say Being Single is My attitude!..

    Don’t make a girl fall for you !if you have not intention of catching HER….

    The only disability in your life is a bad attitude…

    The best thing in mine is that I am Limited Edition not a Special one!..

    for Sucess you need positive attitude!

    Every thing is possible ,when we work hard…

    My Attitude is “GoD” gift and nobody take it from me.!

    I don’t care what people think or say about me!..

    I am learn from My Mistake!Without Mistake We Can’t Learn Best.

    There are two type of people winner and Losser,Winner always Working Hard,Losser Always try to shortcut for win.

    Your whatsapp status say’s online …..If your online then ,why aren’t you msg me!

    !Try to solve your problem yourself …Don’t Depend on other..!

    Every people is a intelligent,When he work Hard!

    Please don’t get confused between my my attitude & personality!

    If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’, ..It only means that you are ‘Above them’.

    I’m cool but Summer made me hot!

    Apni to bass ek hi wish hai…. Ser pe Taaj… Sath me koi Khass Aur is kamini duniya pe Raajjj !!

    Life is too short Don’t waste it updating status !

    ‘Work until you don’t have to ,introduce yourself ‘

    Those who know love has also the risk of knowing pain.

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  • Romantic Whatsapp status

    “Can I borrow a kiss… I promise I’ll give it back.”

    I want my Girlfriend like Google, She will understand me better.

    Time is precious waste it wisely.


    He Is Very Poor Because He Have Only Money..Cool





    Always smiling, because yur smile is a reason for many others to smile…Smile please…!!

    Every problem comes with solution, but my GF don’t have.


    Your looks don’t make u Beautiful, it’s the person inside who makes you beautiful.

    The best dreams happen when eyes are opend,,

    In “Success” all depends on the 2nd letter.

    Dear Lord, there is a bug in your software…it’s called #Sunday, please fix it !

    Try to solve your problem yourself… Don’t Depend on other..!!

    After Monday & Tuesday, even calendar says W T F..(Whtsap,Fb,Twitr)

    #People with status don’t need status.. #

    I’ll hit u so hard even GOOGLE wan’t able to find you

    I Wish My Parents Were Like Google. ..They Should Understand Me Even Before I Complete…!!

    When i was born..DEVIL said..”Oh Shit..!!!! Competition

    I’m not failed… my success is just postponed.

    We all r born to die don’t feel more special than me,,

    The only way to do great work is to love what u do.

    Every problem comes with some solution. …..If it doesn’t have any solution, it’s a Girl!

    You have to learn the rules of the game. And then u have to play better than anyone else.

    Life is like riding a bicycle to keep your balance, u must keep moving.

    Math Rule-: If it seems easy, you are doing it wrong.

    When I was born. Devil said,”Oh Shit! Competition!!!”

    I am not Spiderman Nor Superman However i am superhero for my GF.!

    Some people are alive only, because it’s illegal to kill them.!!

    Save water & drink beer…cool..

    Behind every successful man is a surprised woman..!!

    Train your mind to see good in everything…

    In my house I’m the boss, my wife is just the decision maker…!

    Hey there Whatsapp is using me…

    Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world… if u do so, u are insulting yourself…

    Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.

    Beauty Fades After A Time, But Personality Is Forever!

    No matter how strong of a person you are, there’s always someone who can make you weak.

    If a hug tells you how much I love u, I would hold you in my arms forever.

    If people are talking behind your back, Be Happy that U R The one in front…

    Dear Math plzz grow up & Solve your own problem, I’M tried of for solving them for U…


    Life is too short to worry about stupid things. Have fun, fall in love, and regret nothing.

    Mistakes are proof that you are trying..

    Sometimes all you need is love. Lol, just kidding, you need money…

    So i heard you’re a player, Well nice to meet you. I’m the coach..

    WIFE & INSULT Are Somewhat Similar,They Always Look Good,IF IT IS NOT YOURS!….

    In Love Story, Mom Agrees And Dad Disagrees? It’s Because Mom Knows What Love Is,… And Dad Knows What Boys Are….

    I have no time to hate people,…who hate me…because, I’m always busy in loving people, who love me….

    People say me bad…..but trust me I am the worst!

    I don’t need to explain myself because, I know I’m right.

    There are three sides to an argument ….my side ,your side and the right side.

    Phones are better than GF, At least we can switch it off…

    I’m jealous my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs …

    “Dream” as if you’ll live forever..Live as if tomorrow is last one…

    I am not your type. I’m not inflatable.

    A good laugh and long sleep are 2 best cures for anything

    Galileo-Great mind!…Einstein-genius mind!…Newton-Extraordinary mind!….Bill gates-brilliant mind…..ME-Never Mind!.

    Life is too short don’t waste it reading my status???

    If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.

    एक दिन ßhai इतना Famous होगा की लोग, ßhai को ‪Facebook‬ पे नहीं ‪Google‬ पे सचॅ करेंगे..

    My life my rule i’m cool and others are fools

    My life my rules
    love me or reject me
    i don’t care

    उसका रुप भले ही लाखो मे एक हो पर मेरा कमिनापन करोडो मे एक है..

    Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise

    Woman means….
    * w : wonderful #
    * o : outstanding #
    * m : marvellous #
    * a : adorable #
    * n : nice #

    तू हमारी क्या बराबरी करेगी ए पगली.. हम तो न्यूज भी डीजे पर सुनते हें..

    Yesterday is history tomorrow is mystery today is a gift that’s why it is called present

    People have status but i have no status

    हम मरेगें भी तो उस अंदाज से.. जिस अंदाज में लोग जीने को भी तरसते है.

    If plan a doesn’t work…. don’t worry! there are 25 more letters in the alphabet…. stay cool!!

    Love is true, I love you my family

    Life is to be express,not to impress anyone

    हम बंदूक के ट्रिगर पे नहीँ, बल्की खुद के जीगर पे जीते हैं..

    मैं “किसी से” बेहतर करुं…क्या फर्क पड़ता है..!मै “किसी का” बेहतर करूं…बहुत फर्क पड़ता है..!!

    Today’s beautiful moments are
    tomorrow’s beautiful memories…

    Beauty is not in heart not in face

    मैं “किसी से” बेहतर करुं…क्या फर्क पड़ता है..!मै “किसी का” बेहतर करूं…बहुत फर्क पड़ता है..!!

    Two rules of cool life. ..walk like u r king or walk like u don’t care who is king. .

    Just prey and believe
    trust me everything will be fine if u do with your heart

    ?i wanna make my parents proud, my enemies jealous, and myself satisfied ?

    Pagle? #इत्तु ? सा #dil ? है, मेरा
    इत्तु ? सा…❣❣?
    और ये tere #itne___बड़े – बड़े ? ?
    धोख़े ? और #gham ? झेलता है

    The hardest thing I ever tried was being normal….!!!

    Life is too short don’t waste it updating status

    Always bear in mind that your own resolution to success is more important than any other one thing.

    हम अपना ‪status‬ दिलो पर ‪update‬ करते है ‪WhatsApp पर नहीं

    मुझे लड़की चाहिए kurkure जैसी जो टेढ़ी हो पर मेरी हो।

    बुरे वक़त में ही सबके असली रंग दिखते हैं दिन के उजाले में तो पानी भी चांदी लगता है।

    One of the biggest challenges we have, folks, is making liberty and freedom cool.

    A people is not cool
    cool is his heart !!!?

    किस तरफ जाना है खबर नहीं ऐ दोस्तों!! मेरी राहें खो गयीं , मेरे दोस्तों की तरह ।। : (

    Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect

    If people’s r trying to bring uhh down ?it only means that uh r above?☝ them. .

    Light need darkness to shine

    #हा ंबोलेगी तो#acceptकरूँगा…☺#ना बोलेगी तो#मेहनत करूँगा?जब तेरे?लायक हो जाऊंगा फिर से एक बार तुझे#propose?करूँगा..ल

    माफ़ी गल्तियों की होती है ..धोखे की नहीं

    Logo ke to din aate hai
    hamare to jamane aayenge

    When you care about someone, their happiness matters more than yours.!!

    Winners are not people that never fail, but people who never quit

    Attitude is joy in pain
    attitude is music in noise
    attitude is you in 250 crore people
    attitude is me

    Hate me or love me , but i am still going to shine….

    देख पगली
    ? एक तो प्यारी सी photo उपर से hero वाली अदा,
    फिर तु ? क्या तेरे जैसी 25? हम पे फिदा..

    When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry show life that you have a hundred reason to smile

    Simple living and high thinking…

    देख पगली दिल मेँ प्यार होना चाहिए… धक-धक तो Royal Enfield भी करता है

    Always happy and happy ????

    Men play the gamee ..but women know the score

    Hate me or love me
    but don’t play with me
    i am a cool boy

    I’m still single bcoz god is busy writing best love story for me…

    भले ही अपने ख़ास दोस्त कम हैं… पर जितने भी है nuclear bomb हैं।

    Happiness is when the last seen at turns into online and then typing

    Life is like making a tea, boil your ego
    evaporate sorrow and filter your mistake

    ब्लॉक कर दे मुझको वरना प्यार हो जायेगा तुझको

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  • 2018 stylish Whatsapp status

    There are 50 stylish Whatsapp status that you like to make your whatsapp status in your 2018. New collection of whatsapp status according to your mood.

    All whatsapp status are in English

    1. Love is blind and lovers are not.
    2. Girls are stupid and boys are dump, expect me.
    3. Love every girls, you dont know who will love you back.
    4. Its okay to fart loud, when no one is around.
    5. We both together can have a blast. I’m worried cop can catch us.
    6. I am cool, bring vodka.
    7. Wait, I am thinking…….
    8. My battery is about to die, I killed it.
    9. I dont like you and I dont know why.
    10. Life is frustrating, bring a bottle of wine.
    11. Money is not everything until you run out of money.
    12. Woman is not equal to man the first has two letters extra.
    13. Life is better together.
    14. Think twice and you are confused more.
    15. I was you tomorrow. Whatsapp status of future.
    16. Are you nuts? I am feeling hungry.
    17. When you think you sucks.
    18. What brings happiness is the wealth.
    19. I keep my status clean.
    20. New day new life.
    21. I knew, you will read my status today.
    22. Love is life, I don’t understand how and why.
    23. Money is honey.
    24. Life is short have an affair.
    25. Don’t follow me, I fart.
    26. No months have 32 days. Have you ever thought why?
    27. A kiss is a kiss you can never miss.
    28. I love someone and she doesn’t love me, thats it.
    29. How can people have 7-8 girlfriends. I am hardly able to handle 6.
    30. You think I am Smart and I believe in you.
    31. Come tomorrow and will ask you to come day after.
    32. Life is short, and I am tired of it.
    33. Don’t fool people, If you are not fool.
    34. You can love online but cant fight.
    35. My past was best.
    36. The best is yet to come.
    37. Let me live my life my way.
    38. I am not best but better than the rest.
    39. You are allowed to see my status but not read.
    40. Run fast you are late in the race of life.
    41. Girlfriend is half wife but wife is not half girlfriend.
    42. Save your life first before you go out to save world.
    43. Believe me I am unbelievable.
    44. Life is the toughest puzzle to solve.
    45. I am better than the best.
    46. One thing I know about you is you are reading my status.
    47. I am in a good mood today.
    48. I am not your, you are not mine.
    49. You can live a day without internet, don’t bother me i am busy over internet.
    50. I am done for the day.

    Hope you like all 50 whatsapp status of 2018 and you definitely like to make status . If you know some better status then let me know I will update your status with your name.

    Umeed he aapko saare whatsapp staus acche lage honge or ye article bhi accha laga hoga or agar aap bhi ese hi koi status jaante he to please comment box me jaroor bataye me aapka status aapke naam ke saath apne next article me jaroor update lkar dunga.

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  • How to see every photos you ever liked on facebook - Jaane aaj tak aapne facebook me kitni photos like ki he

    How to see every photos you ever liked on facebook – Jaane aaj tak aapne facebook me kitni photos like ki he

    Aap facebook kitne time se chala rahe he? 
    Agar me apni baat karu to lag-bhag 7-8 saal ho gaye honge lekin me hamesaa se ye hi samajta aaya tha ki facebook me aap sirf logo ke saath chat ya fir unke photos ya status pe sirf like or comments kar sakte he.

    Lekin facebook ke ander itne saare or behatreen features he ki aap bhi anumaan nahi laga sakte unhi features me se ek feature jo me aaj aapko batane jaa raha hu saayad wo pardne ke baad aap facebook ko ek naye nazareeye se dekhenge or in features ko jaan lene ke baad aap hamesaa ki tarha rahenge ek kadam aage.

    Facebook ek esi jagah he jaha pe na jane har roz ya fir you kahe ki har min naa jaane kitne photos ya fir videos upload hote he or share hote he.

    Aapne bhi kabhi na kabhi photos ya fir videos upload to kie hi honge or unpe likes bhi aaye honge jisme aapki photos ya fir videos ki taarif bhi hui hogi comments ke dwara.

    Or isi tarha se aapne bhi kai logo ki photos ya videos pe like comments bhi kie honge. Kya aapko kabhi esa khyaal aaya ki aapne aaj tak jitne bhi photos ya fir videos pe like comments kie he kaash agar me dekh paata ki wo saari videos or photos kon-kon si thi jise aapne likes kie the ya fir unme aapne comments kie the.

    Aaj ke is article me aap jaan paaenge ki aaj tak aapne jitne bhi photos ya fir videos pe likes ya comments kie he wo kon-kon si he.

    Aapko karna kuch nahi he bas kuch keywords ka use karna he facebook ke search box me or aapke wo keywords ko facebook me daalte hi aapke saame poori list aa jaayegi ki aapne aaj tak kitni photos ya videos pe like ki he ya fir comments kie he.

    Chaliye jaante he wo kon se keywords he jinhe type kar ke aap ye jaan paayenge ki wo kon kon si photos ya videos he jinpe aapne like ya comments kie he.

    How to know which Photos you liked on Facebook ?

    • Photos liked by me
    • Photos liked by me 2004
    • Photos liked by me 2005
    • Photos liked by me 2006
    • Photos liked by me 2007
    • Photos liked by me 2008
    • Photos liked by me 2009
    • Photos liked by me 2010
    • Photos liked by me 2011
    • Photos liked by me 2012
    • Photos liked by me 2013
    • Photos liked by me 2014
    • Photos liked by me 2015
    • Photos liked by me 2016
    • Photos liked by me 2017
    • Photos liked by me 2017
    • Photos liked by me 2018
    • Photos liked by me recently
    • Photos liked by me today
    • Photos liked by me this week
    • Photos liked by me this month
    • Photos liked by me this year

      How to know in which Photos you commented on Facebook ?

    • Photos commented by me
    • Photos commented by me 2017
    • Photos commented by me 2018
    • Photos commented by me recently
    • Photos commented by me today
    • Photos commented by me this week
    • Photos commented by me this month
    • Photos commented by me this year

      How to know which Videos you liked on Facebook ?

    • Videos liked by me
    • Videos liked by me 2017
    • Videos liked by me 2018
    • Videos liked by me recently
    • Videos liked by me today
    • Videos liked by me this week
    • Videos liked by me this month
    • Videos liked by me this year

      How to know where you commented on Facebook ?

    • Videos commented by me
    • Videos commented by me 2017
    • Videos commented by me 2018
    • Videos commented by me recently
    • Videos commented by me today
    • Videos commented by me this week
    • Videos commented by me this month
    • Videos commented by me this year

    Agar aap jaanna cahate he ki aap kis-kis photos me ya videos me tag hue he to aap in keywords ka use kar sakte he.

    How to know in which photos you were tagged in ?

    • Photos tagged with me
    • Photos tagged with me 2004
    • Photos tagged with me 2005
    • Photos tagged with me 2006
    • Photos tagged with me 2007
    • Photos tagged with me 2008
    • Photos tagged with me 2009
    • Photos tagged with me 2010
    • Photos tagged with me 2011
    • Photos tagged with me 2012
    • Photos tagged with me 2013
    • Photos tagged with me 2014
    • Photos tagged with me 2015
    • Photos tagged with me 2016
    • Photos tagged with me 2017
    • Photos tagged with me 2017
    • Photos tagged with me 2018
    • Photos tagged with me recently
    • Photos tagged with me today
    • Photos tagged with me this week
    • Photos tagged with me this month
    • Photos tagged with me this year

      How to know in which videos you were tagged in ?

    • Videos tagged with me
    • Videos tagged with me 2004
    • Videos tagged with me 2005
    • Videos tagged with me 2006
    • Videos tagged with me 2007
    • Videos tagged with me 2008
    • Videos tagged with me 2009
    • Videos tagged with me 2010
    • Videos tagged with me 2011
    • Videos tagged with me 2012
    • Videos tagged with me 2013
    • Videos tagged with me 2014
    • Videos tagged with me 2015
    • Videos tagged with me 2016
    • Videos tagged with me 2017
    • Videos tagged with me 2017
    • Videos tagged with me 2018
    • Videos tagged with me recently
    • Videos tagged with me today
    • Videos tagged with me this week
    • Videos tagged with me this month
    • Videos tagged with me this year

    In keywords me se koi bhi ek aap copy karke apne facebook ke search box me paste karna he ya fir likh ke aap jaan paayenge ki aapne aaj tak kitne photos ya videos pe like comments kie he.

    Agar aapko bhi facebook se related koi bhi jaankaari jaanni ho ya fir aap ese hi kuch tricks jaante ho to please comment me jaroor likhe.

    Post written by:
    Sanjay Kakati

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  • download-instagram-images-and-photos

    How to download Instagram photos and videos – Instagram ki photos or videos kese download kare in Hindi

    Kya tumhaara Instagram me accout he?
    Ye sawaal ab pooraana ho chuka he kyuki aaj ke time pe har kisi ke android phone me instagram app installed he or wo Instagram khoob maze se chala bhi rahe he.

    Is se pehale ki hum aage bade me aapko instagram ke baare me kuch choti-choti baate bata du jo aapki GK bada dega or aap baakio se kuch cheeze exta sikhne ko bhi milega je ki Instagram ek social media app he ye to aap sabhi jaante hi he or isme aap apni photos ya videos share karte ho apne friends ke saath or unki bhi share ki hui photos or videos dekh sakte ho lekin us se bhi dilchasp baat ye he ki ye ek esa aap he jis se aap sidha kis bhi popular celebrity, sports player, businessman ya koi bade logo  ki daily ki lifestyle se ru-ba-ru hote he, aap ye jaan sakte he ki aaj aapke super star ne kya kia or kaha-kaha ghumne gaye.

    Kya aap jaante he ki Instagram ke founder kon he?
    Instagram ke founder he “Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger” or Instagram app Launched hua tha “6 October 2010” me.

    Instagram se photos or videos kese download kare ?

    Aaj ke is article me friends me aapko bataunga ki instagram se koi bhi photos ya fir koi bhi videos kese download kare. “How to download Instagram photos and videos

    Instagram se video ya photos download karne ke me aapko aaj do method bataung.

    METHOD #1

    1. Pehala method he jisme aapko bas apne pasand-deeta photos ya videos ki link copy karni he.
    2. Copy karne ke baad aapko is website pe jaake copy ki hui link paste kar dena he.
    3. Website ka naam he “DOWNLOADGRAM.COM
    4. Paste karne ke baad bas download button pe click kar dena he or thora wait karna he or aapki photo/video start ho jaayegi.

    4. Hena kitna Simple !

    METHOD #2

    1. Is method ke liye aapko ek app download karna hoga jiska naam he “gbInstagram”.
    2. Ye app dikhne me bilkul Instagram jesa hi he bas naam alag he.
    3. Download karne ke baad aapko aapko apni Instagram ki ID se login kar dena he he.
    4. Uske baad aapko jo video ya photos acchi lage use “top-right” side ke 3 dots me click kar dena he.
    1. Or bas aapki man caahi videos or photos aapke smartphone me download ho jaayegi.

    Download Gbinstagram

    Hope aapko is article se madad mili hogi ki kese instagram ki photos or videos kese download kare/ “How to download Instagram photos and videos” . Agar aapko ye article accha laga ho to niche comment jaroor kijiyega. Or ye bhi bataayega ki aapko konsa method sabse jayada accha or easy laga.

    Don’t forget to share how to download photos from instagram.

    -written by:
    Sanjay Kakati


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  • whatsapp-status-videos-dar

    Whatsapp question and answer in Hindi

    Whatsapp question and answer in Hindi, love questions answers Hindi, whatsapp question answer game, funny questions in Hindi, question answer for whatsapp, whatsapp quiz, whatsapp love quiz, whatsapp quiz in Hindi.

    Question #1

    Dunya Mein 12 Type K Dost Hein
    1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- 11- 12-
    Aap Koi Aik Number Choose Karo
    Pata Chale Ga Aap Kese Dost Hein…


    1 – Best
    2 – Sensitive
    3 – Kanjoos
    4 – Jaan Dene Wala
    5 – Chalaak
    6 – Matlabi
    7 – Loving
    8 – Sweet
    9 – Jaan Se Pyara
    10 – Good
    11 – Bewakoof
    12 – Maghroor

    Whatsapp question and answer

    Question #2

    Aap mujhe apna kya samajte ho?
    Choose 1 Number
    Reply Must

    100: Apni jaan
    200: Kuch b nahi
    300: Nafrat k Qabil
    400: Apna Humsafar
    500: Apna bhai/behn
    600: Apna Dushman
    700: Apna wellwisher
    800: Apna dost
    900: Bohut Qareeb

    Whatsapp question and answer

    Question #3

    Select 1 No,
    Pata Chale Ga
    K Main Aap Ki Nazar Mein
    Kesa Larka/Larki Hoon.



    999% / Loving
    896% / Sweet
    700% / Smart
    606% / Stupid
    220% / Bad
    190% / Peechy Hi Parh Gaya Hai
    97% / Good
    96% / Crazy

    Whatsapp question and answer

    Question #4
    Choose 1 of these…
    then I will tell you k apko jo pasand karta hy…
    wo kis waja se like karta hy…?

    @@@ : Your Eyes
    +++ : Your Height
    /// : Your Fair Colour
    *** : Your Voice
    %%% : Your Ghusa
    &&& : Your Smartnes
    ### : Your Zid
    === : Your Clean Nature

    Whatsapp question and answer

    Question #5
    Choose 3 alphabets
    then I will tell u k is saal apko 3 cheezein kya milen ge.
    a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j,
    k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t,
    u, v, w, x, y, z

    a bohut jald shaadi
    b tarefen
    c gifts
    d dilagi
    e new enemy
    f new friend
    g great news
    h narazgia
    i jhagray
    j bohut se sms
    k khuwahish puri hogi
    l you are in love
    m bohut si khushia
    n love
    o dua karne wale
    p pyaar
    q inaam
    r good results
    s kaamyaabi
    t tarp
    u good days
    v you hate someone
    w wonderfaul days
    x fight with someone
    y yaaden
    z koi rose dega

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  • whatsapp-video-status---ik-kahani

    whatsapp video status 1

    Song Name : IK KAHANI – Gajendra Verma

    Select any server to download this Video

    Server 1

    Server 2

    Server 3

    File size: 7.4mb

    Song Lyrics

    Teri baatein mere dil ko yaad aati hain
    Tu na jaane mujhe kitna tadpati hain

    Teri aankhon mein main khone laga
    Teri baaton se kuchh hone laga

    Tu hi meri zindgani hai
    Teri meri ik kahani hai

    Dil ye mera, jaan ye meri
    Jaana ab ye tumhara hai
    Tujhse hi hai meri duniya
    Tu hi mera sahara hai

    Mujh par tu ye ehsaan kar de
    Mere pal pal mein khushiyan bhar de

    Tu hi meri zindgani hai
    Teri meri ik kahani hai

    Zikr bina tere hongi na baate meri
    Chand bina tere poori na raate meri
    Dheemi dheemi si teri mehak ko
    Shamo subah to dhoonde hai saans ko

    Kho kar tujhko jee na paunga
    Tujh bin main toh mar hi jaunga

    Tu hi meri zindgani hai
    Teri meri ik kahani hai

    Teri meri ik kahani
    Ik kahani, ik kahani hai

    If you find any mistake in lyrics of IK KAHANI LYRICS – Gajendra Verma song please let us know in comments.

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